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Bombshell Wonder Woman: Part 1

By far the most popular costume I did last year, Bombshell Wonder Woman was a load of fun. I adore Ant Lucia's Bombshell designs. I think they're so clever, really cute, and I would happily do most, if not all of them. But with the movie coming out, it was Wonder Woman's time.

I got lucky back in 2016 when I went home finding one of the Hot Topic Bombshell shirts on sale for just about nothing. They had the shorts too, which I bought, but I actually didn't end up liking the styling on the shorts at all, at least on me.

The shirt though, that had definite potential.

I liked the fit, the colours were pretty close, and most importantly, I already owned it. But there was a lot about it that wasn't accurate to the original design. My brain being what it is, this had to be remedied.

First off was the pocket. I took it off easily enough, and it hung around in my wallet for a while as colour swatch for buying thread. I eventually realised she needed a star on her handkerch…

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